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  ‘Suffering of the soul happens when we are disconnected from the essence of who we are.’


Your situation

You feel discomfort with your life and feel in need of some guidance
You feel stressed and close to burn-out
You feel depressed or in emotional pain
You suffer from physical pain that cannot be fully clarified by your physician and you understand that stress has an effect on it
You suffer from a major change in your life situation such as the birth of a child, divorce or separation, grief, death or illness
You need to make a decision and feel unable to do so
You feel trapped in an endless repetition of the same patterns in your life or feel as if you are repeating the same relationships with different people

I am a fully licensed psychotherapist with a Diploma (German equivalent of MSc) in clinical psychology and an approbation in psychotherapy granted by the Public Health Department in Berlin (Gesundheitsamt Berlin).

As your therapist, I can provide you with a safe space to discover and recover in your journey of healing and growing.

Inga Havers, psychotherapist in Berlin Kreuzberg

              Inga Havers,             psychotherapist in Berlin Kreuzberg







I like to work with diverse approaches and I am trained in a variety of methods.

Depending on your individual problem a combination of the following methods will be used:

Depth psychology
… is extremely useful for understanding the unconscious and why we sometimes end up doing what we don’t want to do.

Body psychotherapy
… is learning to access your body´s inherent knowledge on how to deal with your current life situation.

… is the most effective and lively approach to reconnect with the fullness of life.

Meditation techniques
… are useful to help us be with our experience in a mindful way rather than manipulate it.


My theoretic framework is strongly influenced by an international discourse in modern psychotherapy that integrates body and mind and looks on the individual from a multicentered perspective.

I approach the individual from a humanistic worldview that centers on the individual´s well-beeing as well as their human potential. The main goal is not only to resolve the actual psychological disturbance but also to assist you to unfold your inherent potential.

As your therapist, I will assist your growth towards autonomy. My work is based on emotional awareness, reflection and mutual respect with you being the expert on your own experiences.





My practice is located in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Metro stations nearby are Gneisenaustraße (U7), Platz der Luftbrücke (U6) and Mehringdamm (U6/U7).

The entrance to the practice is via the courtyard.

Praxis für Psychotherapie
Inga Havers, Dipl.-Psych.
10965 Berlin






One session of 50 minutes costs 70€.

Cancellation policy: Sessions have to be canceled 48h in advance.

Private German health insurances and some international insurances usually cover the costs depending on your individual contract. Please contact your insurance for details.

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